CANDY DINNER - Way Blasted by Sappp

Way Blasted

Release Date: December 20, 2011
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Way Blasted

Way Blasted

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Sappp (Johnathan Crawford) enlisted the help of the bass "boss" Pete Biasi from Total Fucking Blood. On this recording they explore the darker heavier side of drone. Not exactly metal, not exactly drone. Maybe this was intended to be listen to in the the kitchen? Or maybe on the interstate? Probably not during Thanksgiving dinner, but then again who are we to tell you how to listen.

Way Blasted was recorded sometime in 2011. Nobody really knows the exact dates.

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This is a actual sound recording of a constipated turd working its way through someone's colon. The music brings the imagery alive with great emotion, capturing the struggle of the victim is enduring. Wonderful sounds! - Uncle J

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