CANDY DINNER - Ghost of a Man by Paul Cary

Ghost of a Man
Paul Cary

Release Date: March 25, 2010
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Ghost of a Man

Ghost of a Man
Paul Cary

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LP is sold out We have a few more to sell at shows, but no more from the site.

Paul Cary, formerly of the Horrors-In The Red Records, has ventured out on his own. A little wiser, a little more jaded, but always a rocker. Half recorded by Mike Lust at Fantom Manor and half by Johnathan Crawford in their practice space at Clown Town. Like Mr. Cary's previous work Ghost of a Man is a lo-fi garage rock gem. Not to be missed.

GET'R on Vinyl! Yup it's true! Ghost of a Man is available for purchase on LP from either Candy Dinner(see below) or, through our good buddies at Stank House Records or through your finer local music retailer like Permanent Records or
Reckless in Chicago, or at The Record Collector in Iowa City.

What are they saying 'bout this little ditty?
One Thirty BPM review


Paul Cary, Johnathan Crawford, Toby Summerfield with Dave Rempis



Thank you so much! - Billy Dean

Thanks Oliver! - Candy Dinner

Felt to much like theft downloading it for free so I donated a bit, Thanks! - Oliver

Hi Mr. Cary, I have really enjoyed listening to your album for the past 6 months since I found it. I think it's one of the best records I've heard in years. Just ordered a copy of the vinyl! If you'd ever like to come play in Montreal, i think you'd find a very receptive audience. I'd love to help in any way make that happen so send me a line if you like! Thanks so much for the music, please keep doing what you do. -Matthew - Matthew

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