CANDY DINNER - Crown of Bees by Box of Baby Birds

Crown of Bees
Box of Baby Birds

Release Date: August 25, 2010
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Crown of Bees

Crown of Bees
Box of Baby Birds

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'Crown of Bees' is the third and latest release from the Chicago/Austin group Box of Baby Birds, and the first to see the band performing as a whole. The title track was recorded live in the studio just before James' move to Austin and serves as a document of the Chicago ensembles energy and work over the last 4 years. In contrast, Side B features a cross country trio aided by internet file transfers.

a) Crown of Bees
Gary Calhoun James: voice,
guitar, melodica, string bass
Dan Mohr: piano
Matt Focht: electric bass
Alance Ward: drums
Phil Ajjarapu: backing vocals

b) New Darlings of the Silent Films
Gary Calhoun James: voice,
guitar, piano, noises, percussion
Phil Ajjarapu: electric bass
Dan Mohr: harmonium

All songs 2010 by Gary Calhoun James.
(p)2010 Orange Door Publishing.
a) recorded and mixed by Jamie Carter at
Carterco; additional recording by Gary James.
Mastered by Carl Saff.
b) recorded by Gary James at Orange Door.
Mixed by Jamie Carter. Mastered by Carl Saff.
Art and design by Dan Mohr.



Gary Calhoun James, Alance Ward, Matt Focht, Dan Mohr, Phil Ajjarapu, Josh Halpern


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